The Mainstream

Facebook algorithms annoying you? Seeing less of who you know and more of what the mainstream wants you to know? The mainstream used to have its place and wasn’t so embedded in our lifestyles however things have changed. Do you still watch the telly to unwind therefore you open up the floodgates for all the jargon that comes with? You might relate with me on this jam!

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The Lyrics

Verse 01

So listen up, when they ever gonna listen to us,

I’d rather live life then switch on and watch the big brother,

live steaming in fact, the demons got us day dreaming on our back,

fiending for that lack of meaning

bunch of scenes made to change the way it seems

and get in the way of how it is

and that’s the biz

and they’re busy at it

flipping scripts, twisted tales

marketing sales bending the truth

and the truth it becomes suspicious too

being put in that polluted vessel

that’s vicious by all means

nothing about it is special

not even the adds in between the shows

and it shows there’s a lot of hate in this world

believe you me and their taping it all

and edit it what should be said and censored

its confusing when your conscious

the general consensus don’t make sense

it can mess with your head

watch yourself not the box and what it sells


As I sit on the couch and flick between the channels.

The TV wanna put me to sleep.

Dirty water in them channels on the mainstream.

Open them eyes and soak it in unwind,

close your mind and relax.

Verse 02

Now as I kick up my feet, pick up the remote.

Ease back in my seat and I put on a show

to see whats in it for me.

A lot of this I never needed to know

and time I never needed to waste or notice.

The doses of hypnosis

aimed to make you docile.

A simulation for the nation

you been numbered for the fun of it

free to air by the government

the media dumbing us down

and telling us who is running this town.

Please I’ve grown werier

of the so called inferior.

Deliveries of fears straight into your interior,

Letting junk get to your brain when your not aware

as you sit and stare and soak it in and focus

on the sit coms, soap operas, old shows again and again

a current affair and bogus offers.

The fading trends of fashion then your clothes aren’t matching.


Verse 03

Buy into it, don’t refrain

its called entertainment

comes with nothing to gain

everybody wanna be famous

and sell their name

but stop look and listen

they got you by the brain

in prison, in a box or a zoo

cause its like this

it’s monkey see monkey do

then they got your attention

an they seeing right through you

cause she smiles and you smile

and she drinks and you drink

the same shit and you think

and you think your normal

cause you act the same way

as they do in the portal

where they take you for a ride

once they break your spirit

like a horse and put you in the human race course

where they trade in face value

and the lowest common denominator

is being bought by a real world terminator

shit you think it respects you

don’t get stupid

channel your energy more efficiently

don’t waste it watching the telly

get to grips with reality.


© copy write Lance Halls 2018