The Magician

High Knights

Do you believe in magic? What do you believe magic is?.. perhaps illusion? Or a wonder that you cannot fully understand? As a child I always wanted to become a magician and I think metaphorically perhaps I am. We express our magic in our own ways through many different forms. Time was gifted to us, Its just down to us what we choose to do with it. Time is a teacher and time is opportunity. I entertain what it is we are here for with this song. What is our purpose, perhaps it is to create? Even more so, create only what it is only you can create. Show the world you and be what others can’t be. For those that don’t know how you did it, it will appear to them as magic. I am a poet / rapper and I can’t say where my ideas come from. My intuition perhaps? Looking at this album I wouldn’t say this is one of my strongest songs but when I wrote it I fell in love with it and couldn’t leave it out of the compilation. I think of all Magic is the power of creativity and life that we hold in our hands. A bit Of an empowering song saying you’ve got the power of life in your hands.

The magician High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics


You been given opportunity

time waits for the brew to become food

for you to break on through

and do what you gotta do

learn them lessons you got

time is a virtue.

Verse 01

Ha ha the magician is you brother,

blow em away, we got love for the bank

we got buck all to pay

and a whole lot I must say

here for the tears and 

the fears that interfere

fear of death has got a lot 

staying in the beware

I been then, let me tell ya a dream

I keep seeing re-appear

each week I got a wand in my hand

and top hat on my peak

millions of people to reach

and gotta bring them outta disbelief

leave any figment of doubt

your winging it now

flying by the seat of your pants

into a city of clouds

with out a chance

but with the answer in your hands.



The magician got a trick 

under his sleeve

you best believe it,

got a remedy to turn 

his enemy into his own


 the magician got more

than the power to see it

he got the power to be it

the magician is no coward

just a man of the moment

and the moment happens when

you don’t even know it

am I a magician, people ask

no I’m a born poet.



Lets make the magic

Oh I wanna make the magic

Yo my heart writes it down

I got magic can you feel me now

and make magic, 

I got the heart to please

it’s not the result but its what you see

the magician is apart of me

I make magic, and I want 

the world to see

lets make the magic

Verse 02

He’s man that’s invested in no frames

got an understanding

 beyond his own brain

no limits no end no finish

just a tendency

to mend with his hands

no gimmicks he got fans

people love him to death

his critics got him step

while he’s taking the next

he’s not afraid and 

he want’s to move on

whose gone, not noticed 

when he’s around too long

like a promise he’s done it

and his work carries 

in the air like pollution.


Verse 03

Zelus tell us can you do the math

well I say its like selling food to the fat

can you do the math?

 I feel guilty

giving away a key

 that can get you filthy

rich in love happiness 

success and fortune

its giving away the garbage

 the majority taught you.

Lose the fear the doubt the ego

and fly like an eagle be a hero 

and save yourself

he’s a magician that gets the point

life is short, learn early

bite the bullet, fight to fulfil it

keep that spirit don’t kill it

I feel it

the real magic in life

is when you see what you believe

and what you perceive things to be

freedom of speech 

and what prevents evil to breath

its magic its in love its in life its in me

the magician got a trick 

under his sleeve.



© copy write Lance Halls 2018