10 Minuets

High Knights

Have you ever felt little or useless or that you have no worthy impact in life? This song represents the voice of anxiety upon a mans life. The clutch the negative mindset or ego has on us while somewhat dictating our actions. We can wind up doing a whole lot of crazy things when under the influence of this. I take on a scenario in this song of robbing a bank. Taking on corporate confines and acting out of frustration. At the end of the scenario this character breaks down once realising the reality of where he is and what he is doing. There is lots more to get out of this song I believe, at the end of the day “living in the now is hard to beat” – says the heart “but nothing comes much quicker than tomorrow.” Says the says the mind. Its a hard life being caught in the middle.

10 Minuets High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics

Verse 1

Who am I?

some lonely ass dude tryna get by.

Don’t ask me why cause I dunno

I just follow the road and that’s It

I mean who gives a shit

no one is special so don’t be a fool kid

try real hard cause your not Mr cool, kid

listen your not in control are ya kid?

Throw away that tool kit.

Society made you this way kid

jump outta that comfort zone

throw away that wet blanket,

one day your gonna be a man

and given a chance

but believing that

only gonna be a mistake kid,

got a lot on your plate kid

lets face it, this ain’t a sandpit

whats the plan kid

are you robbing a bank kid?

People gonna like you more?

Well then who you gonna thank kid?

Save some time for gods sake

don’t waste it.

embrace it,

lets brake it down to basics

there’s four, five and six

cameras watching

and the clock ain’t stopping

heart is pounding

your in the middle of a cue

with what you? and 

Five people surrounding.



Ten minuets of my life

is taking for ever

ten minuets of my life is leaving now

I’ve taken my shots

its time for the chaser,

no time to wait,

will I see you later.



Verse 2

Just seemed this morning

I woke ten minuets late,

had some toast the cleaned my plate,

throw some clothes on, out the door,

then here I am it was 9 AM,

I seen this old man shaking a rusty can

and a cardboard sign it said

I must be board in the state I was in,

this was a sign that was an old man

for heavens sake,

what was I thinking

I dropped everything

and gave him everything

but the kitchen sink

just wanted to risk it all

grow some balls

shoot and see if I score

change my mind

rather than my draws

go outta my mind

and into some stores

gonna take em on

what ever it is I hate most

money the bank and paper notes

take em to war

like a dream

in ten minuets I change the score




Verse 3

Trying get mine

caught in time

there’s a war inside of me

not sure which side I’m on

anxiety grabbing hold

trying to make the most of this life

I’m told

take risks and don’t dissolve

exist and hold your own,

a million miles a minuet

thoughts racing

up to the teller I move

I’m shaking

what will I tell her at the booth

she asks are you OK

then I don’t reply

I freeze then fall down to my knees

an think god

forgive me please

Im so stupid, I’m so human,

we all get days like these

ruined when we follow our dreams

walk through life half asleep

act above it

to end at the bottom of a shit heap

to live in the now is hard to beat

but nothing comes much

quicker than tomorrow,

a decision is easy to make

although hard to follow

the truth is good to eat

but hard to swallow

you got the spirit kid

take the shots

deal to the lemons and salt

and chase forever, whatever.



© copy write Lance Halls 2018