Sunshine Coast Local Music

Sunshine Coast Queensland

Let me introduce you to our partner website this website was an initiative of mine. I wanted to create an all encompassing musical guide to who is making music on the sunshine coast in Queensland, Australia. Through learning to build I extended my canvas to include a site build of another website. Sunshine Coast Local Music is a directory or hub of who is who on the coast making music. You can find a fully comprehensive list of artists and groups and 2 awesome fully inclusive spotify playlists. 

Follow & Stream 2 Great Playlists

Recently I have taken a dive into the great big pool of music that is spotify!. Through using facebook I decided to discover who else locally is on spotify?  surly they want to be on playlists as much as I do! So I made some. 

Shout Outs

 The facebook group where I started the conversations – Sunshine Coast Musicians (Australia)

Jerome from Music Simply who helps local musicans build websites and develop EPK’s

henrygloverphoto will take awesome photos of you live / on location / in studio.

Find the Musicians - click below

Sunshine Coast Queensland [YouTube Playlist]