More We Can Do

Ft. Rainman, Molly Apirana & Focus

It’s easy to just kick on back and acknowledge that what we get up to on a daily basis is somewhat destructive and just accept that. I guess the bigger picture is so grand its overwhelming and we are kind of obliged to play in this money driven pollution spinning cycle. It’s kind of necessary in a lot of ways for us to contribute in this way. We don’t have money and we don’t have time to take on this dragon, “you don’t stand for me, I won’t fall for you” – speaks Rainman on the struggle of looking after oneself in this world. Although there is lots to do, we can always take it slow. “In a minuet we can change, there is more we can do in a day” – that’s Me on the Hook. Even if its just a little bit more, change is necessary. At the end of the day “we’re all the same, just some got a bigger ball and chain…..the format’s all crap, some are falling away” – That is Focus rounding it up… some people are copping it for what the majority are mindlessly doing.

More We Can Do High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics

Verse 01 (Zelus)

This one goes out to the kids

all in a mix in a sense they know

but they are innocent

hey yo there’s more we could do

play doh like the stock exchange

lay low cause planes be loaded

up above

news paper says we gotta cover up

but are we dumb enough

to believe the news

gotta laugh it up

what they trying prove

in china the medicine you buy

the diner food

the advertiser for the appetite

its all news

satellites bought by the savage guys

trying touch the sky with money

free energy ain’t nothing

until it can make money


some reason, we all gotta pollute

some people just gotta lose

life is hard, there is more we can do

fighting with what

can’t wash blood with blood

killing who will make what right

this ain’t brain science scratch your head

support the place

where you lay your bead

there’s more we can do now take a step


Chorus (Molly Apirana, Zelus)

In a minuet we can change

there’s more we can do in a day.

Wake up yo whose in a race?

is it too in ya face?

if you can’t see which ways up.

(Molly Apirana)

Can you even see whats odd?

everyone’s to blame but its no ones fault



Verse 2 – Rainman

I was just talking to this dude

the other day man.

He was frustrated, I dunno.

this is what he had to say.

I woke up feeling sick

like I caught the flu.

I wanna quit just forfeit and lose.

I feel small like I’m four foot two.

I feel stuck like they poured on glue.

Seems like they open the door for a few,

and you gotta money to afford the view.

Gotta have time to absorb the truth,

but I don’t,

I got a payment on the mortgage due.

I got two kids and two more that’s due.

See the wife got fruit that’ll fall in June,

but I think

what world will they walk into.

If there’s a will there’s a way

to find more I could do.

Mainstream TV I’m appalled at the news,

appalled at the rubbish

that they pour onto you.

So I dig deeper, there’s more its true,

you don’t stand for me

I wont fall for you.


Verse 3 – Focus

Yeah lets just chill for a minuet,

and forget about

our views and opinions,

and just be in harmony

and jam under the mulberry tree.

With a soulful beat and a cold VB

with our closest peeps

on the coastal streets.

Faith and hope all up in smoke.

Paper notes rolled up in loafs.

Pass the marge

I can’t believe its not butter.

Its all done up, the cars that are done up

get the girls that are done up.

In the end whose one up?

Where all the same just just some gotta

bigger ball and chain

still we all complain

wheres there’s other cats

in the pouring rain

conform to form a lane

formulate a formulate in a formal way

the formats all crap

some are falling away.


Written by: Lance Halls,

Ray Borne, Trimmer Rodgers.

Performed by: Zelus,

Rainman, Focus,

Molly Apirana, Henry Glover

© 2018