Featuring Molly Apirana

Have you ever felt like you wouldn’t know love if it tapped you on the shoulder? What is Love? We strive to attain it and there are so many vast ways to describe it. This is a bitter reflection of what its said to be and what it actually is. I tried to address it as broadly as it is on the outside as possible and then return internally to what it is there. Relationships, Sex, Religion and War – are these pillars of representatives of love?.. In this song I say “I don’t think so.” The one thing I’m certain of although I can’t claim to know a lot about what it is, is that It lives inside us. I believe in Love even when there is lack of evidence around to support its existence. I wrote this song years ago, before I started a family. I was confused and I wrote this song. I still love the song for what it says and where it came from.

LOVE High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics


Give me love

and I’ll never look back again

into motion I go devotion I spend

hoping something unfolds

what is Love?

Verse 1

Some say its just a word now tell me,

does it sound absurd

if I’m afraid to say it.

If its just a word,

I must of heard it before

and seen how much it can hurt.

I been touched

now who believes in love

at first sight?

Na I believe it is lust

well that’s my gut feeling

and I see it like trust.

Give it freely and it ain’t worth dealing.

Its hard work and you gotta earn it.

I love you, I write it down and burn it.

I just gotta get it out I’m nervous.

Do I even deserve it?

My love

if I were for money I’d be worthless.

I got a heart of gold,

some don’t want a bar of it, I know.




they’re just letters I know

but they feed me

I hope one day

love is gonna free me

there’s love in us all

it never meant to be easy no.

Give me love

and I’ll never look back again.


Verse 2

Without love in your life

what you got to live for

I know you gotta think twice

you gotta think sometimes

even love can die.

Love is like chance

roll of the dice if it gonna treat you right

could love swallow a lie

could love steal from your side

love is within

I heard you gotta make love

to create a new life outta skin

but I know a baby been born before

without a glimmer or any in sight

money doesn’t buy you happiness

but at least it gets you dinner

some place to sleep at night

see the signs

read between the lines

love is it the reason behind

us being stupid sometimes

and is it love that can make you blind

is it something in your eyes

or something on your mind.

Well I L O V E



Verse 3

Now if I’m a fighter,

and I believe

its apart of this bleeding heart

and it speaks through art

and so in god we trust.

We make each other cross

and whose wrong through

the interpretations

of his son and his followers?

I know theirs only one love

only one we gotta share with someone

we gotta share what we got

but we bomb each other

and break each others hearts

take each others power off em

and leave em in the dark

even rob em

wheres the love gone

I don’t see it no more

its in the bottom of my heart

its in our soldiers

when we send em to war

fighting for what we adore

killing like we don’t care

I got a feeling that it ain’t in the air

I got a feeling that I wanna share

What is love? Dunno?

Then what can make of this then.

It goes L O V E.


© copy write Lance Halls 20