Let Go

Featuring Molly Apirana

What if you could just step away from who you are and what it is you’re tangled up in and just be as nature is. Sometimes life can be so demanding and restrictive. Due to the commitments we make, we can reach a place where the time we are given is no longer ours. Imagine stopping everything and letting go of it and being able to just be. Would the world collapse if you said no to going into work and rather you walk in another direction spontaneously in order to take a breath and acknowledge the ocean.? What really matters?.. what do you think? Is life really in your hands?

Let Go High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics

Verse 01

It was a sunny day, 

I was up at half past 8.

With the world in front of me,

 I wanna go to the beach.

And whats stopping me 

I wanna let go and get high and get by.

I wanna be me.

And I ain’t a no one.

Reading me is like reading a poem.

I see the sea and I want someone

 to see the same in me.

A tear drops from my lashes

 just as a wave crashes,

wondering what really matters.




If I could take away my eyes.

leave my mind behind,

and kiss life goodbye.

No time for giving away, 

No more, no more,

more of the same.



Verse 2

To fly into the universe 

and leave this all behind.

Escape whats wrong and

 drop into the ocean.

Swim into the open sea.

Wash away the weight,

that’s pulling on me. 

Look into the sunset,

It’s simple as life.

Don’t know why I think twice,

why i care if I’m winning in life!

I’m kidding myself,

 I’m digging myself a hole!

I fight the feelings,

I don’t wanna resolve.

I gotta listen to myself 

and let it all unfold.


Verse 03

I got fire, my hearts desire.

Life the one I got,

I want it to take me higher.

I look at the sea,

and I see the same as me.

Freedom a place I wanna flee.

When trouble raises heat,

I wanna hit the beach.

Let go in a flow 

and have a wave carry me.

Times are hard 

and my heart

 just hungers for a beat.

I got power sometimes,

and I cannot release.

I could let go of the bigger picture,

if it won’t let me breath.


© copy write Lance Halls 2018