Devils Princess

Featuring Molly Apirana

What do you think of Influencers? People that work for the advertising world using their presence and power on social media. People posting just for likes and follows basically.. oh and of course for attention. This is what “Devils Princess” is about. A Princess so to speak using her beauty to help the devil (commercialism in this case).

Devils Princess High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics

Verse 01

yeah, she’s a naughty girl

an a thorny girl

an a wicked girl

and such a player

pass go pick up 200

she see money on your head

like you wanted

yeah, fine as well

temptation got your mind in a spell

she’s a product of hell

but who don’t like the smell

she only lacking a soul

shes a weapon and shes 

cutting it so well

so deep your in trouble

but you don’t wanna leave

got you wrapped around her finger

like a wedding ring

the world love her even if

she never said a thing

shes smoking on fire,

 the commercial girl.    




She wanna be commercial

loved by the world

She wanna be heard

she wanna be seen

she wanna be dreamt about

one days shes gonna

get what she wants.




Verse 02

A bit of a princess,

product of the beauty queen

for instance her mother

loved the look of her modelling

appearing in magazines, 

taught her its wrong

to love anyone to get all you want

you can change anything

treat people like a place to begin

have that taste for blood 

if you wanna win

she don’t want another friend

everybody wanna spend her time

but she wants what they’re sacrificing

enticing so sweet, but 

bad for your teeth like icing

just a kid playing with what we gave her

a product of her environment, 

her neighbours

nothing but favours, smooth skin

hand full of razors,

whose in for this

careful arrangement




Verse 03

Be careful what you wish for

you might get it,

its lonely on top

you never expect it

X marks the spot

and its so over rated

guess what?

Get whatever you want.

whats Guess? a handbag

say yes to whatever your handed

eat with dirty hands 

and your gonna turn rancid

we all play a part in the park,

the city, the theatre

one thing, we either acting on dancing

one of each and you romancing

watch what you teach

people might just listen

Hear that? Devils Princess.


© copy write Lance Halls 2018