High Knights

Are you celebrating who you are while acknowledging what makes you you? I believe we have all once been pure but never been perfect. The differences we have between each other makes like a kind of freak show or circus so to speak. I am a clown in this freak show and I am happy with that.

Circus High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics

Verse 01

I’m a clown and a freak in this circus,

free thinker,

definitely not worthless 

and unique under the surface.

I believe in what we got in our hands,

and what we don’t have

 we don’t understand.

I accept the greatest architect

 that designed land may

 have screwed up,

somewhere in his plans

 when he created man.

Maybe not? Maybe this is meant to be.

What reality you live in?

Same shit different century, 

you gotta stay driven.

whats the balance yo?

I’m feeling like I’m on a tight rope,

no suspension only suspicion.

I need to get a grip  

definitely with my cash flow,

I can’t stop. once you hit the break 

your broke, ya know!



Once pure,

Never was perfect.

I’m a clown, a freak in this circus.

You ain’t ever gonna hold me down.

Never ever gonna control me now.

Live it up! Never ever gonna give it up!



Verse 02

I  ain’t one to look up-to,

But I have stuck through,

times when I did some stuff

 I didn’t want to.

Call it rough when life goes against you.

If only my friends knew, 

what I don’t do when I 

spend time with them.

Something  I won’t sacrifice 

to come out winning.

It sucks! we must play 

amongst the bucks, 

lay next to the ones we cuss.

we’re all in the system.

It’s all make believe.

Fake goals to tackle.

Keep your eye on your watch.

Keep your hand on your ball

 and your mind on the plot.

Ask why and you stop.

Try to get to where you want!

Just do you man, 

no matter what the measures you got.




Verse 03

I’m not ordinary, I’m sort of scary.

Wanna pick a bone with me?

Problem is I got too many.

I’m fishing for all the answers

 why all the time,

but I picked the wrong jetty.

I’m crazy I’m insane!

A little outta my mind.

At least I’m honest.

Half the world 

don’t even know themselves,

so they chasing their tails.

Me? I’m raising my sails! 

About to go to sea,

 swim among the whales.

Free willy maybe outta my depth.

Not a care if anybody 

will ever notice me,

or show some respect, so to speak.

Let me down if you wanna

 by being a fake.

But your only killing yourself

 being somebody you ain’t.


© copy write Lance Halls 201