Bring The Love Back

High Knights

Ever feel as though no one seems to care about where you come from or what this place even means? I say bring the love back to where it belongs. Home is where the heart is and belongs. Home for all of us is this land that we live on. If you can relate to the message in this one share it around!

Bring Love Back High Knights Music Title

The Lyrics

Verse 01

I don’t gotta like you, like you like me

I pay the right fees.

Glide with my hair in the breeze,

and I get on my knees and pray

when life’s a tight squeeze

to get through the day.

Chew through the fat, I got a knack for

downing a pack four

of beers on the back door

tapping the beat on the floor

gossiping to the possums the bats

about how we been copping the flack.

They try to stop us doing this and that,

twist it back, 

they missing the wisdom

we had before the fact.

The fiction of thinking

this world is less

than what we all have.

I’m drinking to forget myself

I wanna help the wombat, 

help the wombat. 

Help the wombat!

Bring the Love back



Bring the love back 

come on

Bring the love back

to home

Bring the love back.

what time of task is this ?

all I wanna ask is this just.

Bring the love back to home

home is where the heart is.


Verse 02

I love my country although

I cant say much

ashes to ashes and dust to dust

life and love barely staying in touch

and to be fairly blunt

people saying that they are happy

that their day is up

life between fall walls 

barely witnessing the fall

life is in your soul, whats all the hate for

be surprised what a smile could make

don’t be wasteful appreciate,

save the world and be grateful.




Verse 03

I’m talking the basics

the trees and earth

the basis

the joy in our faces

the delivery of birth

everybody’s unique, diverse.

This universe the recycle of one verse

exchange of words and actions

accept each breath never over judge

live like everything else does

and bring the love

create more, don’t wear it on your sleeve

but as gloves and be as one



© copy write Lance Halls 2018