Be Now

Do you ever find that no matter 

how much you try to change things, 

things just don’t change? 

You try to discover new ways to 

escape or avoid situations

 rather than face a situation head on and

 see it for what’s in it. 

What can be gained out of 

witnessing  this and allowing it to


Don’t hold back on how you feel

  let your energy out, be yourself 

and let things be as they are.

 That’s what I am about in this song.

 I was in my early 20’s reflecting

 on what life had taught me up until


I decided to share what it was

 I thought I could say  that

 people might need to hear. 

It’s not a complex one but 

good to have

 as a reminder of whats 

important in life. 

Let it be now, 

with your energy

 you got to set it free and be your self.

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The Lyrics

Let it be now,

just be now,

let it be now,

(Verse 01)


Here’s a story my friend let me tell ya,

about how we deal with life

and what matters.

Gotta be real,

gotta have intelligence.

You got a free will,

and you gotta be happy.

We got a lot of things,

and don’t let em get to ya.

The futures no far,

so don’t race to it.

Monopoly we all got an offering,

but whats for me,

its my responsibility.

Act don’t react,

to what your discovering.

Its a number thing.

You win some and lose some.

Yeah you do the sums,

Maths you gotta be number one

when facing the facts.

Think a plan to be exact

have a back up plan,

cause some things don’t match.





Let it be now.

with your energy you gotta set it free,

and be yourself.

Just be now.

Love your memories,

learn to better yourself,

don’t get ahead of yourself .

Let it be now.



(Verse 02)

Don’t try and control,

and mess with emotions.

I met men deeper than oceans.

A ripple effect happens if you mess

and swim in it.

A guilt trip can make a man fall.

No matter what,

you gotta get up and walk.

And to a new place,

is much better off.

Choose you’ve got a right to,

the choice is all yours.

Do what you want.



(verse 03)

Never limit yourself,

to rules you must abide by,

cause you cannot be free.

With the mind I,

think beyond possibility.

Forget the rest.

Live under your own philosophy.

Just be the best,

see we progress

with the attitude,

that we address.

Show gratitude.

A need to confess,

when no one is mad at you,

give it some rest.

We all got a lot

and a little bit less

in every avenue.

Its what you have to do,

that brings success.

Let it be now,

you know the rest.


© copy write Lance Halls 2018